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I felt that ILC was very beneficial in guiding me through the ACT Exam. The strategies have given me a better, more confident approach to taking the test. This program was well worth the time. Thank you.

Brent Murphy
12th grade

ILC makes me feel smart. I’ve learned tons of easy tricks to do harder problems that I didn’t know. Teachers are nice and easy to work with. THANK YOU!

Scott M.
7th grade

I think it was great and really helped. I learned so many new things. I really think it will help me during the school year. ILC is great.

Blake E.
4th grade

I have to say the confidence my children walk out of ILC with is priceless. They enjoy coming here and learning through the various strategies. We will continue to utilize ILC.


ILC has been a great help to my ACT Exam Prep. I have continuously improved my score. The tutors are great and make learning a lot more exciting. I would recommend ILC to all students.

Brandon Kaczmarek
Junior, ACT Prep

At ILC, my children both greatly benefited from the 1:1 instruction. They were challenged appropriately and their confidence grew immensely. We are so grateful to have found ILC and will continue to use this program to enrich our children’s academic skills. THANK YOU!

Laurie Schick

Intellect has helped me very much and fit my specific needs. My timing has improved greatly thanks to the strategies I learned here. The staff was flexible and cared about my progress. No complaints!

Nick Wood
Junior, ACT Prep

My son has been able to work through math and comprehension problems efficiently and by himself since he has participated in your program. He feels confident approaching his next grade. That is what we were looking for!


I can see a real difference in (C.G.). It seems as if he is legitimately trying each problem on his homework. He has been getting B’s on his tests and quizzes, which is a big improvement from the D’s and F’s he used to get. Thank you for working with him. I can definitely see a difference in the quality of work he is producing.

Math Teacher
Carl Sandburg High School

I have better grades now and don’t have missing homework assignments…You guys rock!

5th grade

The teachers made learning exciting and not boring. The ACT class also helped me do better in school.

11th grade

Intellect Learning Center is a great place with a friendly atmosphere and with a knowledgeable staff. Since I am a junior, I have to take the ACT. With ILC’s program, I felt prepared for the ACT and did better than was expected. I am going to miss this place and the people when I leave. It was a great experience. Top quality!

Scott Jung
11th grade

I have had an amazing learning experience here! I have had so much help here. The teachers are all really helpful. They have taught me so much new material here. Everybody always wants to help you. I’m impressed, so thank you guys here at ILC. I really couldn’t have done it without you! You were there when I needed you, thank you very much!

Christa Gilarski

When I first came to Intellect, I was expecting it to be boring, but then I enjoyed coming! Intellect really improved my grades in school!

Peter S.
8th grade

My experience from ILC is it’s a good way to help you if you need help in a certain way. My hardest thing on the ACT is the reading exam but I know now that if I believe in myself like my mom always told me, I can do it. Believe in yourself and practice, practice, practice. My confidence has gone up in all the work I do. I thank Corey, Vince, Jessica, Erika and Laura for the support they gave me. Thanks to all for making this place a fun environment every time I come.

Natalie Donatello
Junior, ACT Prep Student

I thought ILC was great. The teachers were very helpful and down to earth. They suited my learning style very well.

Junior, ACT Prep Student

My child enjoys her time at ILC. They built her confidence and study habits. They also gave her a boost and good startup for the new school year. I would recommend ILC for any child.

Parent of Allison
Math Enrichment Student

My experience at ILC was great. I am very grateful for the experience I’ve had here. It has benefited me for the ACT test, and I have learned a lot of strategies that have helped me improve my
score. The tutors are very helpful and base my learning on their own experiences. The group sessions are helpful for me because I can learn from others and better myself. ILC was very helpful.

Rachel H.
Junior, ACT Prep Student

Overall positive results throughout our time at Intellect Learning. Win-win.


I came here to get last minute prep for the June ACT. I have gained confidence through all the ACT practice. We targeted my weaknesses and only focused on that in a short amount of time. I think the practice is definitely going to be helpful during the ACT test.

ACT Prep Student

After enrolling into the ILC ACT Exam Prep course, I feel that I have improved and feel much more confident. I’ve learned very valuable skills that I will be able to use not only for the ACT Exam but for school tests and exams in general. The staff and teachers are very kind and have been very helpful.

Regina Aduana
Junior, ACT Prep Student

The tutors and staff were always helpful and gave 100% effort into aiding their students. Everyone at ILC was more than friendly, approachable, and well qualified.

Junior, ACT Prep Student

All of the teachers here are extremely helpful and they are all very nice. They have prepared me for the ACT very well. Also, I recommend this place to every student looking to prepare for the ACT.

ACT Prep Student

I enjoy coming to Intellect to work on my Math homework. My tutor Joe is very good at explaining the math concepts so I can be confident in completing my work.

Tommy O.
Math tutoring
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