Letter from the Founder

Welcome to our website!

At Intellect Learning Center, our goals stretch beyond helping your child complete homework on time and get high grades. We aim to give your child the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life. To achieve this broad goal, we emphasize both the process of learning and the results of learning. The process of learning involves how motivated students are, how much effort they put forth, and how confident they feel. The results of learning pertain to the more objective measures, such as report card grades and assessment test scores.

We consider all factors impacting your child’s education when we develop student programs, including: assessment test results, feedback from you and your child’s teachers, your child’s specific study habits and interests, and your child’s past and current grades in school. Each program is individualized. Students achieve academic success while working at their own pace with an experienced and dedicated teacher.  It’s amazing what students can accomplish when they have a strong foundation of knowledge and feel confidence in their own abilities. Here at Intellect Learning Center, we work hard to ensure that every student gets the high quality education they deserve. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Best regards,

Lila Kayali, MS Educational Psychology and Research
Founder of Intellect Learning Center