ACT Exam Prep

ACT Exam PrepACT Exam Prep

The ACT Exam is an important component of your child’s academic career. While colleges consider multiple factors in the review process, including: Grade Point Average (GPA), Extracurricular Activities, and Personal Essays, the ACT EXAM has an impact on which college your child ultimately gets accepted into and scholarship opportunities. Many of the skills tested on the ACT EXAM are required for college success as well.

Our ACT Exam Prep includes:

One-to-One Instruction: Our tutors work at the pace of the student and ensure mastery of concepts before moving on to the next skill. The material is specific to the needs of the student and sessions are highly interactive.

Practice taking REAL ACT Exams: Our REAL ACT Exams give students the practice they need and helps us monitor their progress. Students are able to implement the strategies they learn on a real test before the actual test day comes around.

Content Knowledge: Students will become familiar with the various question types tested on the ACT Exam and gain knowledge of key concepts.

Time-Management Strategies: There are rigid time constraints for students taking the ACT Exam. We help students learn how to “read actively”, pace themselves, and pinpoint key information quickly and accurately.

Overcoming Test-Anxiety: Students who suffer from testing anxiety benefit from the strategies and coping mechanisms we introduce to them. We help students overcome their nervousness so they have the opportunity to demonstrate their true abilities.



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